The Comprehensive Online Media Monitor

Analyze online & social media coverage of your brand and industry to increase the impact of your content.
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Listen sources
Listen - sources

Analyze the full impact of your content through social listening

Search through tens of millions of sources and discover websites, social accounts and news media that discuss, share or link to your content.

Listen - Media reach
Listen - Media reach

Use data to improve your content

Zoom in and explore the reach, trending topics and sentiment of brand coverage within and outside of your own channels. Measure all owned and earned media, and use those insights to improve your content in a data-driven manner.

Listen - Compare
Listen - compare

Top your competitors' content

Easily set up industry benchmarks and compare your earned media with competitors. Let their results inspire you, or prove your position as market leader.

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Listen - Filter

Check results quickly or analyse thoroughly

Whether it’s a quick search or an in-depth analysis: the Easy Search system enables every marketer or communications professional to find relevant information and insights in Coosto.

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Analyze the impact of content on your brand, industry and competition.

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Highlighted features
media reach
Media Reach
Value your earned media and view the potential reach of all coverage.
social backlinks
Social backlinks
View social media posts and other messages linking to your content.
gerelateerde reacties
Related comments
Discover relevant comments in which your brand isn’t explicitly mentioned.
Easy search
Easy Search
Quickly search through millions of sources with the search helper.
Find websites that frequently post about your brand, industry or content.
Discover and follow relevant influencers, journalists and other authors.
sentiment analyse
Sentiment analysis
See the degree of positivity or negativity of discussions about your brand or content.
trending topics
Trending Topics
View the terms people use to discuss your brand and content.
PR waarde
PR Value
Automatically measure the financial value of the news coverage of your brand.

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