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Discover trending content, pick up on popular topics and become the #1 thought leader in your industry
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Discover content
Discover content

Build upon popular content and increase your brand authority

Experience an endless flow of ideas for content that results in brand awareness, thought leadership and conversions. Discover content your target audience can’t stop talking about, and get real-time insight into the most popular and upcoming articles, blogs and topics in your industry. 

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Pick up on trends

Increase reach and industry excellence. Discover and take advantage of current trending topics in blogs, videos and social content.

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Find unique angles

Directly see what content is essential at this very moment to reach, surprise and convert your target audience.

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Enrich SEO and SEA

Use insights into trending content to increase traffic and create better converting ads and landing pages.

Filled content calendar
Filled content calendar

Complete your content planning in seconds

No time? No problem. Schedule the very best content out there to your social feed in an instant. Coosto lines up the top trending content in your industry, so you can directly curate or share relevant articles and blogs. 

Social statistics
Social statistics

Find ideas for better content in your own results

Gain new impressions and conversions with your content every single day. Track your social metrics from one overview and directly see which posts and stories perform best. You will learn in no time what content to create in order to convince your audience. 

 outperform competitors
 outperform competitors

Top the content of your competitors

Beat the content of your competition. Easily stay updated of new content by them, influencers or other accounts that are important to you. Analyze all results, get inspired and learn how to create better content step by step. 

Highlighted features
content discovery
Content Discovery
Pick up on trending articles your audience can't stop talking about and find ideas for new content.
trending scores
Trending Scores
Get unique insights into the popularity of trending and upcoming content in your industry.
social media analyse
Social media analytics
Discover patterns in your social media results and find opportunities to improve.
Post performance
Gain insights into your best performing social posts to make the next ones even better.
media monitor
Media monitor
Closely track all online & social activity around your brand, industry and content.
Content hints
Get specific hints and tools for unique and resonating angles within your own content.
Engage with the most influential authors that are relevant to a piece of content.
trending topics
Trending Topics
Find additional inspiration in keywords and hashtags people use in discussions about certain content.
Receive email notifications once a topic, article or subject in your industry starts to gain popularity.

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Create better content that resonates with your target audience
Content marketing

Take your content marketing to the next level.

Content inspiration

Non-stop inspiration for converting content.

Social media scheduling

Plan your social media faster and more effective.

Content optimization

Create content that results in more views, engagements, and clicks.

Community management

Turn brand ambassadors into loyal customers.

Content analytics

Harness performance insights to create better content.