Create effective content effortlessly with Coosto's AI Content Generator

Thanks to the integration with ChatGPT in Coosto, creating social media content is easier and faster than ever before. The automatically generated content leads to more reach, interaction and conversions.
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Create effective content effortlessly with Coosto's AI Content Generator

No more moments of no inspiration

The days of worrying and brainstorming about new social media content. By using the Coosto AI Content Generator, you automatically generate social media content targeted to your audience. Set your goal to reach, interaction or clicks for optimal results.


The most efficient way to create content

Every marketer has moments of no inspiration or not finding that perfect perspective while writing content. With the Coosto AI Content Generator, you can generate posts tailored to your goals in no time. ChatGPT's AI technology creates targeted social media content that grabs the attention of your target audience or drives them to the desired action

Create AI-generated content in four steps

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1. Select the goal

One of the most important steps of content creation is determining the purpose beforehand. Without a purpose, you don't know what you're creating the content for. In the Coosto AI Content Generator, you can choose from three goals: Greater reach, more conversions or more interaction with the target audience.

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2. Determine the topic

The content to be generated must be well suited to the wants and needs of the target audience. To do this, it is important to give the Coosto AI Content Generator a specific assignment. Provide your input using only a few words, a sentence or a whole paragraph. The more detailed the information you insert, the better the content will be tailored to your wishes.

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3. Provide the right tone of voice

The tone of voice partially determines the success of your social media content. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tone of voice for your message. The Coosto AI Content Generator offers unlimited options. This ensures that you always address your target audience in a way that suits them and your organization.

Pursue international reach

4. Pursue international reach

Coosto’s AI Content Generator has the possibility to create social media content in almost every language. Choose your market and easily reach out to the right audience, in their own language.

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Produce fully automated social media content tailored to your brand and relevant market trends with Coosto's AI Content Generator

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