Google Analytics in Coosto

Connect your Google Analytics account in Coosto and combine social media data and website performance for quick and valuable insights.
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Social media and website data in one platform

Google Analytics 4 in Coosto

The integration with Google Analytics in Coosto makes combining social media and website data easier than ever. Obtain direct insights into the contribution of social media content to website traffic and conversions for powerful conclusions about the best-performing content.

Translate social media performance into tangible results

Social media conversies in Coosto
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Discover which social media posts generate sales, leads and website traffic. Choose one of the dashboard templates or create a custom report or dashboard for your organization. 

Optimize content based on rock-solid data

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Analyze which social media channels contribute the most to your website performance. Compare on post level which content does or does not convert and optimize your campaigns based on these insights for better results.

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