The AI-powered content discovery engine

Explore trending content in your industry and pick up on ideas for content that resonates with your audience.
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Discover trends
Discover trends

Match content with trends in your industry to increase reach

Coosto is continuously analyzing millions of online sources to sort all indexed content based on algorithmic Trending Scores. Match your content with the most popular and timely topics to become the talk of the town and increase your brand's reach. 

Discover trends
Discover trends

Endless inspiration for content that converts

Check out the best performing content in your market and 18 additional categories. Instantly see which content resonates with your target audience and use the endless flow of inspiration to create conversion-boosting content. 

Discover - detail
Discover detail

Pick up on the talk of tomorrow

Are there topics, trends or hypes that resonate with your audience? Coosto makes sure you can see them coming a mile away. In one single glance you will know what content to create in order to be part of the conversation of tomorrow.

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Highlighted Features
content analyzer
Content Analyzer
Discover trending content through the Content Analyzer system, that is continuously scanning millions of sources.
trending scores
Trending Scores
See the speed at which an article or blog post is gaining popularity with algorithmic trending scores
Market analysis
Find upcoming content and hidden gems in your specific industry, so you can create your own content around the same topics.
x content categorien
18 Content categories
Look beyond your own industry and explore the most discussed content in 18 general categories.
sentiment analyse
Sentiment analysis
Identify the sentiment that prevails on social media around relevant content.
social reach
Social reach
Discover the potential media reach of a news article or blog post to help you decide whether to tap into it.
social links
Social links
View the number of shares and links to a piece of content in order to value the popularity of it.
See the number of discussions and comments on social media about a piece of content.
Get insights into influential authors that are relevant to your content.

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