Create perfect content for more conversion

Create better social media posts with data-driven & real-time hints
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Create perfect content for more conversion
Create perfect content for more conversion

Effortlessly get more clicks, impressions and engagement

How can you get the maximum number of clicks, views or engagements on your social media posts? From now on, Coosto provides the answer. We're introducing Post Optimizer, a unique feature that helps you fine-tune all your posts and get better results with social media.


Let our smart technology do the work for you

Stop relying on outdated research and advice. The smart technology in Post Optimizer continuously analyzes the performance of hundreds of thousands of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter posts, and provides you with hints based on real-time intelligence. Creating the perfect social media post has never been this easy!

100,000+ posts
Post Optimizer analyzes over 100,000 social posts every day to provide you with data-driven hints.
Real-time analysis
All hints are based on real-time data: you get to see what posts are effective right now. 100% algorithm-proof!
Every platform is different. Coosto gives you specific hints for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Clicks, reach or engagement? Choose your goal and Coosto gives you the matching hints.
Craft posts to perfection
Whether it's hashtags or media, message length or emoji: Post Optimizer helps you optimize your entire post.
Fully integrated
Post Optimizer is part of the full Coosto platform.

Analyze online & social media coverage of your brand and industry to increase the impact of your content.


Schedule, publish, review and optimize all your social media content to increase reach, clicks and engagement.


Manage all interactions on social media, messengers, and live chat to stay in touch with your audience.


Measure, prove, and improve the results of your content through in-depth reports and live dashboards.

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Post Optimizer in Coosto is a powerful tool that allows us to fine-tune our social media posts and get maximum results.

Sibel Yasemin
Social media & Content creator

Effortlessly get more clicks, views or engagement?

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