Case study: How The Ocean Cleanup managed a 367% increase in social media engagement

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Creation date: 20/07/2020 02:00
Last updated: 16/03/2021 13:33

From the very beginning, The Ocean Cleanup’s mission to rid the world’s oceans of plastic has appealed to supporters worldwide. As support grew throughout the years, so did the number of online and social media conversations. How does The Ocean Cleanup ensure that a total of 1,3 million followers across all platforms still feel personally involved, recognized and part of the mission?

Stats (as per June 12th, 2020)

  • Instagram Followers: 439,606
  • Facebook Followers: 579,074
  • Twitter Followers: 145,900
  • YouTube Subscribers: 136,000
  • LinkedIn Followers: 123,721
  • Fan engagement increased by 367% from Q2 2019 to Q1 2020

The Ocean Cleanup has always wanted to take an active role in their community, answering all questions asked, and thanking supporters for their important role in its success. As the community grew, they needed to scale-up.

With the launch of The Ocean Cleanup’s river cleanup technology, the Interceptor, in October 2019, the organization experienced an increase in community engagement, and Coosto played a key role in the efficient and effective management of this engagement. With an international audience, the community engagement team were able to respond promptly despite any time differences.

The case organization on Coosto, with all engagement with an individual supporter in one location, also allowed for more empathetic, personalized communication. Coosto helped in getting a complete overview of all incoming questions and comments, and provided an overview that let The Ocean Cleanup highlight some truly kind messages of support, showing their own team how much their community stands behind our work.

As an organization developing advanced technology and conducting scientific research, it is crucial that The Ocean Cleanup’s community is accurately informed. Working with a team from RIFF Digital Engagement, the internal notes and pending features allow their team to escalate questions that require additional information. Being able to escalate specific cases on Coosto provides an organized way to answer these questions accurately, regardless of who is working.

With the growing influx of messages, The Ocean Cleanup wanted to be able to understand their growing community. Case labelling has been an asset, not only for understanding their community, but for providing them with data on what their community wants to see more of, and what their main questions are. The listening feature has also allowed them to have a wider perspective on who is sharing content related to their mission and given the ability to engage on that content.

Last but not least, The Ocean Cleanup has been able to streamline their content calendar and better understand post performance using the Publish tool. The flexibility of the publish tool makes scheduling posts a simple process, especially with a frequently changing content calendar.

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