The Best Times to Post on Facebook in 2020

Team Coosto
Creation date: 08/12/2020 10:28
Last updated: 22/12/2020 13:46

The Facebook algorithm is both a blessing and a curse. Although it helps Facebook to show only relevant content to its users, they make it increasingly difficult for businesses to consistently reach their target audience. It's crucial to get every detail right, since tiny changes can lead to significant changes in the number of views, likes and comments. Trifle factors such as timing are actually key in maximizing results on social media. 

Your right timing depends on your audience, but there is a starting line. We analyzed millions of social media posts so you don’t have to. Use these outcomes as a jumpstart when experimenting with your best times to post on Facebook.

Best times and days for engagement on Facebook

  • Day for most engagement on Facebook: Wednesday
  • Time for most engagement on Facebook: 6 pm. 


We used Coosto to find out when most engagement on Facebook takes place. The piramid shape clearly spikes on Wednesdays, with posts generating an astonishing 50% more engagement than on Sundays. Tuesday and Thursday stand out from the pack as well, so you should consider these mid-week days to start posting for optimal results. 

When we look at timing, it's crystal clear that the early evening is the most active time of day on Facebook. Lunch breaks show a lot of engagement as well, but the absolute rush hour occurs around 6 pm. 

Best time to post on Facebook

  • Best time to post on Facebook: 3 pm.



As we explained in our blog about the best times to post on Instagram, marketers rightfully criticize research that has a too narrow focus on timeframes of engagement. Because what posts are they engaging with, and when were they posted? That is the actual question people want to have an answer to. That's why we looked into the exact time of publication as well, so you can determine when you should actually publish a post. This graph shows the average amount of engagement for each publication time frame on Facebook. Indeed, this angle provides us with a different advice. Try posting around 1pm. or - even better - 3 pm. for maximum results. 

Real time dashboard

The best times to post on Facebook aren't set in stone. The algorithm changes all the time, your audience could change its behaviour or your brand could attract a totally different target audience. However useful this research could be for you to determine your best times to post, it remains static. A lot can happen between the date of our analysis and the moment you’re reading this blog post.

That is why we’ve made a heatmap, showing the current engagement on a wide variety of Facebook posts (past month) in a real time dashboard. If you want to stay up-to-date on the best posting times for Facebook, bookmark this post and visit our blog regularly.


No time to post? No problem

As we said before, the ideal timing for your Facebook posts still depends on your audience. Feel free to use our research as a starting line, but don’t be blinded by it. If your posts perform well at other times, go for it!

Now, what if your ideal posting times are not working for you? Too late, too early, on a Saturday when you planned to eat out… Not to worry, as you can use our Content Calendar in Coosto to schedule your Facebook posts and stories (and content for all other major social media platforms). You’ll get notified when your post is due, so you can actually publish it in no-time. Create your account now and try for free.




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