AI in marketing - become the marketer of the future

Annefleur Di Bucchianico
Creation date: 05/01/2024 16:38
Last updated: 11/07/2024 17:01

AI in marketing has become the new standard, offering endless opportunities to make the work of marketers faster, better, and easier. As much as 72% of B2B marketers indicate the use of AI generative tools for their daily. How do you seize the opportunities and possibilities of AI in marketing with both hands? Read on to find out.

AI in marketing - become the marketer of the future

The impact of AI on marketing

AI has permanently transformed the field of marketing and will continue to drive many developments in the (near) future. The impact of AI on marketing is undeniable. As a marketer, your task is to embrace these changes and familiarize yourself with the latest technologies.

AI significantly aids fundamental aspects of content marketing and social media. The graph below, derived from the annual B2B Content Marketing Trends research by the Content Marketing Institute, clearly illustrates how AI plays a key role in the daily activities of most marketers.

B2B marketeers gebruiken AI voor meerdere contenttaken

Think of practical tasks such as assistance in writing (social media) copy or achieving better results with AI-driven advice by posting on social media at the optimal time. However, the most mentioned use of AI by B2B marketers is gaining inspiration for content.

And it's not surprising. Manually going through numerous articles, trends, and developments is a time-consuming task. This is where AI comes in handy. For example, there are tools that gather relevant online content within a specific field or topic. Content within a particular subject is evaluated and ranked based on various factors, providing you with insights into what's happening and which topics are worth engaging with.

Discover by Coosto offers such an overview: by analyzing and sorting millions of sources in real-time, you get a digestible overview of all content with algorithmically calculated Trending Scores.

Discover in Coosto for AI content inspiration

AI will not take over your work. Someone with AI knowledge will!

The numerous possibilities of using AI in marketing for daily tasks contribute to significant development. By applying AI intelligently, you save time, energy, and creativity. You no longer have to 'waste' these resources on routine tasks; instead, you can use them for more strategic and overarching activities. Think of developing a content strategy, fine-tuning and monitoring the strategy, and maintaining focus on achieving objectives. AI allows you to be less consumed by small tasks, which, albeit time-consuming, are essential.

An important shift is happening in the marketing field: marketers solely focused on execution will become less important and eventually be replaced by AI. Marketers with the necessary AI knowledge, outsourcing these tasks to technology, and dedicating their remaining time to strategic activities, will become indispensable. That is what the marketer of the future will look like.

How do you use AI in marketing to achieve more success?

The rise of AI in marketing promises a revolutionary shift in how marketers utilize their time and resources. When applied correctly, AI is not about replacing human input, but rather enhancing marketing professionals with AI knowledge. By using AI smartly for routine tasks, marketers can focus more on the strategic aspects of marketing.

In conclusion, knowledge (and skill) of AI in marketing is the key to success. Interested in learning how to acquire this AI knowledge and efficiently apply it to your daily work? We'd be happy to explain more during a free demonstration.