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We improve the performance of organizations using the power of content & social media.
About Coosto

About Coosto

Coosto is a leading content & social media marketing tool, designed to help organizations get better results from content. We’re offering practical solutions for every stage of the content marketing process: our customers are relying on Coosto to come up with content, distribute content to social media, manage their community and to monitor and report all results.

Their achievements are clear. Coosto customers create better content and perform measurably better in terms of brand awareness, brand preference, customer loyalty and online conversions.

Our mission

Helping organizations grow by enabling them to create and publish relevant and useful content to their target groups.
Het management team
Management team

The Management Team

"The value of content has skyrocketed over the past few years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, high-quality content is an absolute must for anyone looking to increase brand awareness, product demand or conversions these days. Coosto is the tool that helps you do so, by supporting your content creation, planning, publishing and analysis. Tens of thousands of professionals are using Coosto on a daily basis and, as a result, perform demonstrably better. That is why we do what we do!" - Toine Verheul (CEO)

Started in 2008
88 employees
11 nationalities
2 locations
We stand together

We stand together

We believe working together always leads to better results. That is why we regularly have conversations with our customers through our online community and during knowledge and training sessions. It’s how we help each other grow.

We embrace change

We embrace change

We’re proud of the fact that our customers praise Coosto for being a stable, reliable marketing tool. At the same time, we know stagnation means decline. That is why we closely monitor trends and never stop innovating.

We are committed to success

We are committed to success

We like winning. We’re doing everything we can to make sure our customers are frontrunners in their industries.


We have fun

We love making organizations thrive through the power of content and social media. That’s our drive, it’s what gives us joy and energy.

Can you relate to our core values and do you want to become a part of Team Coosto? Read all about working at Coosto.

Tens of thousands of marketers and communications professionals around the globe are relying on Coosto in their daily work

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