Social media monitoring

Analyze how your brand, competitors and industry are discussed online.

Look into full discussions

Discover all public messages on online and social media that are relevant to your brand or industry. The Coosto social media monitoring tool finds both messages in which your brand name is mentioned and comments on those messages. This gives you 40% extra information on average.

Compare your brand with competitors or the industry

Analyze how online coverage is spread across multiple sources and websites. Compare trending topics, potential reach and your sentiment with the competitors or industry, to determine where you stand.

Heatmaps and links

The smart heatmaps and URL analysis are unique in Coosto. These features enable you to see exactly when relevant topics are discussed, and to find out the context in which people link to certain websites.

Klanten vertellen

The reporting and search options in Coosto are superior. The tool is flexible and I can quickly analyze results.

Hessel Koster - Dutch railways, PR manager

Thanks to Coosto, we don't have to miss anything anymore. The tool also shows us all social media messages that we wouldn't have found otherwise

Jasper Schilder - The best Social Media, Editor in chief


Find out how Coosto improves social media management.

Most powerful features

  • Most comprehensive data

    Analyze social media, blogs, forums, news sites, radio, TV and print media.

  • Related comments

    Find all comments on posts about your brand, even when your brand name isn't mentioned.

  • Content heatmap

    Discover when people talk about your brand or industry.

  • Performance Center

    Start the day with an actionable overview of your brand and industry in the Performance Center.

  • Media Reach

    Value the messages about your brand and look into the potential reach of all coverage.

  • Sentiment analysis

    See the degree of positivity or negativity of discussions about your brand.

  • Trending Topics

    The most important topics around your brand and industry.

  • Management reports

    Periodically and automatically send reports to internal stakeholders.

  • Influencers

    Discover influential authors using influence scores.

  • Real-time dashboards

    Visualize and share the most important data in real-time dashboards.

  • PR value

    Automatically measure the value of the coverage of your brand.

  • Extensive filters

    Filter search results by e.g. sentiment, gender, source and embedded media.