Reviews: what our customers love about Coosto

Team Coosto
Creation date: 19/05/2020 02:00
Last updated: 17/03/2022 09:20

At Coosto, we understand that choosing a suitable social media management tool isn't something that happens overnight. There are plenty of options, and the differences between the tools are mostly subtle. Plus, the pricing and features of all these tools are often quite difficult to compare...

It's completely understandable that we often get the question what makes us unique. We think the best way to show this, is by telling you why our most satisfied customers continue to opt for Coosto with great conviction.


1. Market-leading software

Over 1600 organizations in 15 countries are daily using Coosto to manage their social and online media. Our extensive experience with thousands of users means that we precisely know what works and what doesn't, and we use this knowledge to further develop our platform.


2. Quality assurance

Our platform sets the very highest of quality standards. Guaranteed 24/7, in writing.


3. Result driven

Our platform is carefully built for your marketing and communication goals. In practice, this means you will achieve better results in less time using Coosto. Whether you want increasing conversions from social media content, a higher customer satisfaction, a better brand reputation or higher reach: with Coosto, it's all within reach.


4. World-class assistance

A team of Customer Success Managers and analysts is always by your side to help you achieve your goals.


5. Dutch quality

Our customers appreciate the fact that they can rely on a solid product of Dutch origin.


6. Unique features

As a Coosto user, you have a whole range of unique features at your disposal. For one, Coosto is the only platform in the world that doesn't only monitor messages in which your brand name is mentioned, but also all comments on those messages. This gives you a 40% more comprehensive picture of the buzz surrounding your brand.


7. Multilingual support

No automated menus or hassle. By phone, chat or mail: our multilingual support team will answer any question you might have in no time.


8. Partnerships and integrations

Coosto can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics,, and many more. Take a look at all of our integrations.


9. Feedback platform

We value your ideas, and use your feedback to further develop our platform. You can track our progress in the transparent Feedback platform.


10. Data protection and Privacy

Security and privacy officers guarantee the integrity of data. All Coosto data centers are based in the European Union, and all software is assessed based on applicable rules and standards. Coosto is ISO27001 certified.

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