The power AI and Social Media: how to use it in your advantage

Annefleur Di Bucchianico
Creation date: 07/04/2023 02:00
Last updated: 17/06/2024 16:47

The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are developing rapidly. Not too long ago, AI seemed like a distant concept for most marketers. We are in a fast-paced train of developments, where many new possibilities for content and social media are emerging quickly. And that's what we'd like to tell you more about.

The power AI and Social Media: how to use it in your advantage

The rise of AI tools comes with abundant opportunities, especially for marketers and communication specialists. The latest AI technologies enable more efficient content creation than ever before. For social media posts, AI-generated texts prove to be a real asset in terms of efficiency and time savings.

However, there is also a negative connotation attached to all these developments: is our work as marketers soon to become obsolete, taken over by the latest AI technologies? The rapid advancements in this field occasionally fuel significant concerns. There is no reason for fear or uncertainty, if you ask us. AI allows us to work more efficiently and should be seen as a tool rather than a replacement. Crucially, as a marketer, you must know how to leverage these AI developments to your advantage. This is where the opportunities lie: being able to apply AI to your daily content creation, making you more efficient. Keep on reading if you want to know how!

Automatically generating social media content

ChatGPT is now widely used for automatically generating high-quality content. The benefits are clear: thanks to this AI technology, you save a tremendous amount of time in writing texts. The strength of ChatGPT lies in its versatility and adaptability to effortlessly create tailored content in line with your brand and market.

However, writing a prompt requires some skill. It can be a bit challenging to figure out how to give the tool the right instructions to get suitable content as output. It's not just about providing the right data, but also a certain mindset to work with. A simple prompt in ChatGPT can lead to various outputs. But there is an easier way to quickly create suitable social media content.

Coosto’s AI Content Generator

The AI Content Generator in Publish, Coosto's social media planning module, is designed so that you get customized content with just a few clicks. The answer to uninspired moments or searching for the right words to effectively reach your audience. How does it work? Very simple.

Select the main goal of the social media post: more reach, interaction, or conversion. Then it's a matter of providing the right input. Describe with a few keywords, sentences, or a slightly longer description what the content should be about. The more specific the description, the better the output. Then choose the desired tone of voice: this can be done using a term like formal, humorous, or enthusiastic. You can also choose to embody a well-known character with a distinctive way of speaking, from Donald Duck to Barack Obama.

Finally, choose the desired language: Dutch, English, and Spanish are among the options. This way, you reach not only the local audience in your own country but also a larger and international audience! It's time: automatic content generation can start. Click the button, and voilà! Your tailored content is ready to be shared on social media.

AI Content Generator

AI: An endless source of content inspiration 

Generating social media content automatically is a breeze. But where do you draw your inspiration for new content? And how do you ensure that your social media posts align with the current conversation? Or better yet, anticipate emerging trends so that you're the first in your market to latch onto a groundbreaking topic.

The answer lies in Coosto's Discover. In this module, our tool analyzes millions of sources in real time and organizes all content based on algorithmically calculated Trending Scores.


Bonus tip! Pick a trending article that’s relevant for your target group and simply copy the title of this article. Paste the copied title into the ‘topic’ field of Coosto’s AI Content Generator and adjust the goal, tone of voice, and language. In a split second, you will have trending content to be shared on all your social media platforms.