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Reach your business stakeholders in no time

Reach and convince your professional stakeholders with catchy content on all your LinkedIn Company pages. Text updates, URLs, photos, GIFs or videos: Coosto lets you plan and publish all your LinkedIn updates quickly and effortlessly. 

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Engage and connect with loyal followers

Respond to incoming comments from one interface, and get the conversation going with all relevant stakeholders. It's the ideal way to strenghten your online business relations.


Discover instant opportunities in data

How is your content performing? Which topics are pushing the right buttons? Which loyal followers frequently engage with your updates? Coosto will automatically provide you the answers, making manual analyses and spreadsheets redundant.



Supporting all your online and social channels


Post Optimizer

Create better social media posts with data-driven & real-time hints.

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Hoeveel resultaat haal jij nu écht uit jouw online & social media? Met Coosto monitor, publiceer, reageer en rapporteer je vanuit één platform. Zo laat je niets aan het toeval over, en behaal je meer resultaat in minder tijd.


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