Team DSM keeps challenging itself to save time and improve performance


Simon Slegers

Team DSM is a professional cycling team which strongly presents itself with the social mission to #KeepChallenging. As of March 2020, the communications team is using Coosto to manage social media content, to create social media reports for business partners and to track online coverage about riders. 

Team DSM Coosto

“I think we were manually creating yet another social media report, when we realized things had to change.” Emily Brammeier, responsible for communications at Team DSM cycling team, can still recall the moment she decided to contact Coosto. “Our main goal on social media has always been to build an engaged audience of fans and followers, which helps us offer highly relevant social media exposure to our partners in the cycling industry. Problem was, reporting back to these partners used to be a time-consuming task, to say the least.”

“We used to create our social media reports manually, which would take us about 5 hours per week on average. With Coosto, we can easily get the job done in only 30 minutes.”

Emily sounds relieved when she starts discussing her current method: “I’m glad those days of Facebook and Instagram screenshots are behind us. Now that we’re using Coosto, we simply categorize our content with labels for every individual partner. At the end of each month we just export all social media stats and that’s it. Reporting now takes us only two hours every month instead of over two full days. Besides being able to track media coverage and associate positive or negative sentiments, those content labels are the best features of Coosto.

She goes on by explaining the cleverly thought out content process of Team DSM: “We have a yearly content plan that we produce before the new season starts, so we already know one year in advance the basis of what we are posting. We work out these concepts in a more detailed 4-week content plan.”

Make no mistake, whoever thinks social media management for a cycling team is just about tweeting race results, couldn’t be more wrong. “Race coverage is just one piece of the puzzle, as we really want to keep our fans engaged off-season too. During this period of COVID-19, for instance, the majority of our content is created or supported by the riders themselves, which we believe makes it much more personal and authentic. We’re sharing our riders’ favourite recipes, their workout routines and personal stories.”

team DSM training

“Thanks to Coosto, we’re saving valuable time and energy, which we can now invest into creating more attractive and engaging content.”

Every Tuesday, Emily and her team take out their content plan and start scheduling social posts one week ahead through the content calendar in Coosto. Every now and then, they take a few minutes to optimize their timing and formats. “Our engagement rate has definitely gone up since we started using Coosto. Although I can’t say the two are directly related, we are surely saving valuable time and energy, which we can now invest into creating even more attractive content.”

“Besides all the analytics, I like the fact that Coosto incorporates many social media tools into one interface and still remains easy to use. That is key. We also like not only the inclusion of earned media in our reports, but also seeing if people are negative about certain topics or riders. And if they are, we can alter our communications. Luckily, that hasn’t happened so far.”

“I love the Support system of Coosto. I can talk to actual people who are committed to help and keep me updated, instead of having to deal with some impersonal automated process.”

If Emily makes one thing crystal clear, it’s that Team DSM is a profoundly professional cycling team, and its communications team is at an equal level. They’re both continuously working on saving valuable time and improving their performance, truly living up to their mission to #KeepChallenging themselves.

Save valuable time and improve your social media performance

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Save valuable time and improve your social media performance

Get a free demo of Coosto today. No strings attached.