Terms of use

With the usage of the third party integrations in Coosto, you have declared that you have agreed to the relevant terms and conditions, including: Facebook, (X) Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, WhatsApp, PinterestLinkedIn, Bitly and OpenAI.

You may not use the data available through Coosto for any purpose that is inconsistent with Coosto's reasonably foreseeable security and privacy guarantees. The use of Coosto must in no way prejudice individuals' fundamental rights and freedoms. For example in the following cases:
•    Processing information related to detection, enforcement, surveillance and/or OSINT, but also related research purposes or related to an ongoing criminal investigation.
•    Tracking or detecting or profiling persons or groups, whether or not based on personal data.
•    Identifying, targeting, tracing, segmenting on the basis of (special) personal data as well as monitoring or controlling persons as well as attempting to do so.
•    Processing information regarding ethnic origin, race or descent, unless intended to establish (indirect) discrimination.
•    Processing information regarding terrorists, extremists or terrorist and/or extremist organizations and related topics.
•    Creating fake accounts and/or using them within Coosto.
•    To use data from Coosto in any way, whether or not exported, for unethical use, research or detection, as well as the activities adjacent thereto.

You agree that we may verify that your use of the Coosto Platform is within these terms.

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