Create better content with Google Analytics and social media statistics

Annefleur Di Bucchianico
Creation date: 17/11/2023 16:17
Last updated: 27/12/2023 15:48

The secret behind higher-performing content lies in data. Data is a treasure trove of information: it helps you understand how to effectively reach your target audience and identifies opportunities for increased reach and conversion. But for that, you need to have the right data. Fragmentation of data across different platforms makes comprehensive analysis challenging, causing marketers to miss out on opportunities. However, there is a solution: a single tool that combines Google Analytics and social media statistics for quick and powerful insights.

Create better content with Google Analytics and social media statistics

As mentioned, marketers often miss crucial input for new content. (Properly) analyzing existing content is a time-consuming task. Gathering statistics, combining relevant metrics, and then drawing the right conclusions: cross-channel data analysis can be quite challenging.

Precisely combining different results is crucial: it makes the impact per social media post, campaign, or channel truly visible. Which social media campaign is now generating the most conversions on your website? And do the highly-liked posts on Facebook also contribute to increased website traffic? Questions that were previously difficult to answer.

That is a thing of the past. The powerful integration of Google Analytics in Coosto ensures that you combine these statistics in one overview, making it easier to establish connections. We guide you step by step on how to effectively work with this.

1. Gain insight into all data

Connect your Google Analytics and social media accounts in Coosto and gather all statistics in one platform. This way, you no longer have to switch between different platforms and tabs. Easy, clear, and user-friendly.

2. Combine relevant statistics

Less is more! Focus on the statistics that are relevant to your marketing goals and campaigns, and don't hesitate to exclude statistics in your analysis. To gather the right statistics, it is essential to know what result you are looking for and what factors influence it.

In Coosto, you'll find ready-made dashboard templates focused on specific goals. This way, you don't have to search for the right metrics yourself, and you can focus on comparing and analyzing your numbers.

Google Analytics in Coosto dashboards

3. Draw the right conclusions

This might sound like a no-brainer, but is sometimes easier said than done. To make the statistics truly speak, you must be able to link them together. Only by doing so can you establish connections and draw the right conclusions.

By combining various statistics, such as social media link clicks, website traffic, and conversions, you truly understand how your campaign has performed. And that is precisely the insight you are seeking as a marketer.

Social reach en Google Analytics in Coosto

4. Start applying your newest insights

The finishing touches are crucial in this case: insights are worthless if you don't apply them in practice. Translate new insights into action points and incorporate them into your content strategy. 

By regularly analyzing results, you'll naturally start recognizing patterns. This quickly gives you insight into which content, campaigns, and channels are effective in motivating your target audience to take action, and also what doesn't work well.

Ready to dive into effective data analysis?

Data is indispensable if you want to create optimally performing content. Experience for yourself how easy data analysis can be with Coosto. The powerful integration with Google Analytics makes data more accessible, transparent, and valuable than ever before.

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