Coosto now supports Instagram Direct Messaging

Team Coosto
Creation date: 23/07/2021 09:18
Last updated: 26/01/2022 16:44

We're rolling out Instagram Direct Messages (DM) support to our users. This addition helps Coosto users handle all their incoming public and private message of their social channels in one clear interface. 

Improve your brand experience

Instagram is the no. 1  social media platform of this time, and its DM feature is used by almost 400 million people worldwide. This makes DMs a great opportunity for brands to engage with their target audiences in a personal way. DMs are perfect for improving customer loyalty, improving brand experience and get real conversions from conversations. 


Instagram from A tot Z

Coosto already enabled users to analyze Instagram messages, schedule and publish Instagram posts, and report all stats. Responding to public comments and mentions had been supported as well. With the addition of Direct Messages, Coosto now brings the entire Instagram suite under one roof. Altogether, the marketing tool supports full support for no fewer than 8 social media channels. 

introducing Instagram DM Coosto


The best of both worlds

The new feature combines the best of both worlds: the popularity of Instagram DMs (including Story comments and mentions) and the reliable features of Coosto. The tool brings its user-friendly conversational interface, auto replies, quick replies and case tagging to Instagram, helping teams to work smarter and more efficiently.  


About Coosto

Coosto offers a unique marketing tool that is entirely focused on helping organizations get better results from content and social media. Coosto lets you monitor how people are talking about your organization online, it helps you find ideas for new content, enables you to reach your target audience through all your social channels, and lets you handle questions and comments on social media, messengers and live chat. Reporting is easy, through PDF reports and real-time dashboards. 

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