Coosto expands with smart technology for more effective social media posts

Team Coosto
Creation date: 02/08/2021 09:36
Last updated: 02/08/2021 10:04

Coosto introduces a smart feature that enables users to optimize their social media posts for more views, clicks or engagement. Post Optimizer is a unique technology that is continuously analyzing the performance of hundreds of thousands of social media posts, to provide users with data-driven hints and tips.

Give a platform to your content

“We’re seeing many content marketers putting a lot of time and energy in creating relevant, unique content”, says Paul van den Broek, product manager at Coosto. “But success is mainly determined by the way content is distributed. That’s easier said than done, though. How can you make sure your content is actually seen? That your target audience is engaging with and clicking on your post more often? With Post Optimizer, we offer a data-driven solution that removes any of those doubts.”


100% algorithm proof

Post Optimizer provides proactive advice on the use of media, hashtags, emoji, URLs and the ideal copy length of your post. Not as a result of one-off or outdated research, but based on real-time analyses. Post Optimizer tells you what works and what doesn’t on your favorite social media platform at this very moment, making it 100% algorithm proof.

Post Optimizer is fully integrated in Coosto and available for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Book a free demo of the Coosto platform at

Excited about Post Optimizer?

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