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It all started at the campus of TU Eindhoven in 1998. With just a couple of computers and a working internet connection, founders Rob de Wit, Toine Verheul and Frank Scheelen had one goal in mind. Map out the online conversation. The idea developed into a fully-grown organization with more than 130 employees. And that organization is called Coosto. 

Our mission
We’re Coosto: nice to meet you. A name inspired by deep sea diver Jacque-Yves Cousteau. We dive into the world of social media data and bring it together with the worlds of companies and organizations. We do not only bring online data insights, we also make the data understandable. Human. We help you to get further. In that way, you have a better knowledge of your target audience, you’re able to protect your brand reputation and you can respond to the online world as we know it today. 

Why is that so important? Nowadays, people are active online more than ever. They talk with each other. About each other. But also, about products, services or companies. Coosto makes it possible to participate in the conversations people are having online, no matter the social platform. We give you the possibility to respond to questions, complaints or crisis situations. In that way, you’re not only keeping your customers happy, but your company as well since you keep building your brand reputation.

See the social media data we provide you as a starting point. The real deal begins after that. Create well-converting content marketing, improve your online customer service, keep track of your competitors or steer conversations into the right direction. The possibilities are endless.
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Our team

Aarti Benie
Partner Manager International
Annelies Boullart-Dekkers
Office Manager NL
Annemarie Tragter
Human Resources
Bas van Luijn
Training & Consultancy Manager
Bram Geurts
Cheryl Meredith
Customer Support
Elvis Demuš
Lotte Witlox
Human Resources Assistent
Malou van der Vleuten
Sr. Accountmanager
Marieke Vervloed
Accountmanager Binnendienst
Mark Bybau
Social Media Analist
Nick Bockmeulen
Customer Support
Paul van den Broek
Raoul Moentadj
Renske Broerse
Corporate Recruiter
Roel de Werdt
Setty Gerard
Office Medewerker
Thierry Thijssen
Manager Business Development
Thomas van Els
Willemijn van der Heijden
Accountmanager Binnendienst


Toine Verheul

Toine Verheul


Marco van Hoek

Marco van Hoek


Arjen de Ruiter

Arjen de Ruiter


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