Sofie is happy at Coosto: "An amazing company to work for"

Bryan Buffing
Creation date: 15/06/2021 08:29
Last updated: 22/06/2021 14:41

Sofie Derks proves that you can quickly take steps at Coosto. The 26-year-old came in as a support employee two years ago and now carries responsibility for nearly three hundred customers in her role as Customer Success Manager (CSM). "It's great to work for Coosto."

Career switch

Sofie initially had a different career in mind. After her communications studies she started as a marketing & communication employee at an recruitment agency, but she missed the passion in that job. “It was not a match. I had previously worked in the hospitality industry for six years and I always loved the interaction with people. That disappeared in my role at the agency.”

Sofie made the step to Swiss Sense and got to know Coosto . “As a customer service employee at Swiss Sense, I worked with Coosto on a daily basis and that is how I got to know the company. The more people I spoke to, the more often I thought, "That seems like a great company to work for. "I decided to apply and that's how it all started."

After a few good interviews, the click was there and Coosto hired Sofie as a Support employee. From the beginning, there was the intention to help Sofie, who is eager to learn, grow to the CSM role in the future. "I liked that plan and I didn’t hesitate for a moment to accept the offer."


Warm welcome

Sofie says she had a warm welcome at Coosto. “I felt at home from the very beginning. Of course all the nice colleagues play a role, but the HR process has also helped. Nothing is left to fate here. A first working day is often very exciting, but at Coosto I knew exactly what to expect. Before I started, I already received a complete plan from HR. Everything had already been arranged for me; training, introductions and so on. I immediately knew what to expect.”

That feeling never disappeared after that. “Everyone is so nice and helpful. You also notice this during activities outside of work. I have to mention the Christmas party. When I arrived I heard that it would be legendary and I experienced that myself for the first time in 2019. What makes it so legendary? I can’t explain, you need to discover it yourself.”


From Support to CSM

So Sofie took the first steps within Coosto as a Support employee. There she got to know the tool in detail and helped customers with questions or issues. After almost two years at Support, it was time to take the next step. “The initiative for my promotion to the role of CSM came from Coosto. Of course that was the approach from the start, but the fact that I never had to ask about it and they took the initiative, indicates to me what kind of employer Coosto is. Agreements are kept and that is not self-evident everywhere."

The CSM role fits perfect for Sofie. “Making people happy has always given me a lot of energy. Actually, I can do that full-time now. I have my own customer portfolio with nearly three hundred customers.”

As CSM, every day is really different, according to Sofie. “It is very diverse. One day I am busy onboarding new customers and the next day there are screen sharings where I help customers to get the most out of Coosto. I actually shut down my laptop every day and I think to myself: "This was a really nice day." Of course there are also less fun things to do, but compared to all the positive sides, it's nothing."


Managing success

Sofie is regularly asked what a Customer Success Manager exactly does, and her answer is simple. “I always say that I do exactly what it literally says, haha. I manage the success of my clients. As soon as Sales has concluded a contract, it is transferred to a CSM. We contact that customer to get acquainted, to schedule training courses and to help them get started. From that moment on, the CSM is their contact person.”

A CSM actually builds a bond with customers and that is exactly what makes the work so fulfilling, according to Sofie. “I have a lot of conversations with customers and always try to make them happy. Of course, I also sometimes have to deal with a customer who has a complaint or a problem, but I see that as a challenge. Making those customers 100% happy again is what drives me and gives me the energy I need.”

The connection between Sofie and Coosto is a good one and if it is up to Sofie it will remain so. “I really enjoy my work and I have great colleagues. In addition, Coosto simply is a nice and good employer. At the moment I am happy and I get up to work every day with a smile. I only have one wish at the moment and that is that we can all see each other again soon at the office. I have nothing to complain, but I do miss everyone. ”