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Schedule and publish social media campaigns with Coosto Social Publishing.

Coosto brings social media and content marketing together. And that is not all: Coosto also makes it easy to create, schedule and publish social media posts. From a single tool, straight to all your social media channels. Quickly and efficiently expand your fanbase, generate new leads and create added value for your organisation with powerful content. 

Manage campaigns from within your content calendar

Visualise social media campaigns for multiple channels in a single overview.

Target, schedule and publish
Multiple-account management
Analyse accounts and campaigns

Develop successful social media campaigns

Reach out to specific audiences with extensive audience targeting options.

By using proper target options, you can make social media campaigns more efficient, more effective and more attractive. Target based on gender, age, interests and language. Use labels for A/B testing, so you know exactly which messages generate engagement and which social media channels achieve the highest conversion rates.

“Thinking from the point of view of your fans helps you maximise your reach”
Jeffrey van Heck
Online Marketing & Social Media Advisor
Jeffrey van Heck

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