Coosto Monitoring

Improve your brand awareness and reputation. Communicate better with social listening.

Expand your Brand Presence and Reach

Use the full potential to expand your brand presence and reach. Find out where people don’t talk about your brand yet, but do talk about your market or competitors. Focus your marketing on these sources, authors and websites. Aim for those with the highest reach, influence and authority for maximum effect.

Know What’s Happening

Find out how customers, the media and other stakeholders talk about your brand online and focus your communications on critics or brand ambassadors. This protects and improves your brand’s reputation, which makes cooperating and doing business a whole lot easier.

Measure and Improve Campaigns

Measure the public opinion and online coverage of your marketing or communications campaign. Use this data to determine campaign success and gain insights into how you can do even better next time.

Always Find the Right Way to Communicate

With the unique Coosto feature Related comments, you won’t only find all messages about your brand, but all comments on those messages as well - in which your brand isn’t even necessarily mentioned. You’ll always rely on the full online conversation, so you’re able to make the right communication decisions every time.

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