Real-time insight & control over your reputation

Monitor online conversations and spot a potential crisis.


Stay on top of your reputation 24/7

Real-time insight into social media activity and sentiments pertaining to your brand.

By monitoring social media, you know what is being said and written about your business in real time. This allows you to discover new trends and issues and stop potential crisis situations in their tracks.

Using Coosto's alerts and push-notifications, you can always be effortlessly aware of the buzz pertaining your organisation. Never miss a post or discussion again and keep control over you reputation.

Monitor your social media well-organised

Insights into reach, impact and sentiment.

Find your influencers
Measure total reach
Follow the complete discussion
Analyse PR value

Optimise marketing activities

Use the insights gained from media monitoring for effective marketing.

Benchmark your brand, product or organisation in relation to the competition and compare social media activity based on your own quality criteria.

Seize the insights gained from social media monitoring, e.g. about reach, and identify influential authors as potential influencers.

Determine how often you are the subject of discussion and compare this to other brands, products and competitors.

Automatic reports and real-time dashboards

Create your own management reports easily and quickly.

Coosto’s social media reports are ready for use in analyses and presentations for your team or management. Automatically send your periodic reports to all your stakeholders and team members via email.

Easily set up real-time dashboards and visualise key data to gain insight into your brand reputation and the performance of your online campaigns.

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“With Coosto, we can easily spot patterns in social media data.”
Peter Kerkhof
Professor of Social Media
Peter Kerkhof

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