Coosto Engage

Increase your customer satisfaction. Offer excellent online customer service.

Never Miss a Message Again

Boost customer satisfaction with quick and efficient customer service. Every incoming message on Facebook (Messenger), Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter (including DMs) in one customizable team inbox. Help your customers straight away by replying, retweeting, liking or sharing the message within the same interface.

Create The Best Possible Customer Experience

Sometimes it takes multiple messages to really help a customer. Coosto Engage shows you the complete conversation history you’ve had with your customer, so you can use previous questions, comments or complaints in your reply. Measure the customer’s satisfaction after the case is completed, so you create the best possible customer experience.

Collaborate Efficiently within Teams

The smooth workflow ensures efficient collaboration within and between teams. Messages are automatically assigned to the right colleague or team, so they can’t be answered twice. Measure the results of your team using metrics like response time and number of completed conversations per customer service agent.

Most powerful features

  • Conversation history

    Take past conversations with your customers in account to service them even better.

  • Macros

    Automatically execute multiple actions (e.g. reply and complete conversation) in one simple click.

  • Sentiment analysis

    View the degree of positivity or negativity of customer messages in one glance.

  • Author information

    Info about the number of followers, the influence score and a client's overall sentiment.

  • Automatic assignment

    Automatically assign messages to the right person or department.

  • Automated reporting

    Receive reports about KPIs as response time and completed conversations.

  • NPS

    Measure NPS to gain insight into customer satisfaction.

  • Memos

    Add memos to messages to share background information with colleagues.

  • Claim messages

    Prevent duplicate answers by automatically claiming messages when you start replying.

  • Real-time dashboards

    Visualise and share the most important data in a real-time dashboard.

  • Tags

    Add tags like 'Compliment' or 'Complaint' to messages to measure and prioritize.

  • Share by email

    Easily forward messages to colleagues who do not have access to Coosto.

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