Customer service via social media

Always in touch with your customers through Facebook Messenger, Twitter and mobile messaging apps

Improve customer satisfaction with customer engagement

Keep every complaint or question in sight and prevent negative impact

Never a negative message again? Start online customer engagement! By intercepting critical questions and complaints quickly, you'll prevent them from being magnified online.

Through a simple workflow, you can handle complete conversation at once. This helps you reduce the risk of a reputation crisis, obtain customer feedback and stimulate sales.

Online customer engagement for top class service

Manage all online messages via a single platform

All messages in one place
Maintain a clear overview
Look into the conversation
Manage by KPIs

Work together efficiently in large teams

A smooth workflow, even when handling large amounts of cases

With Coosto, you can easily and efficiently work together in and between large teams. Set goals and assign messages automatically to the right person or department. Receive automatically generated reports and obtain direct insights in KPIs like response time, handling time and completed cases. 

“Online customer engagement finally gives you the chance to show your organisation’s true face.”
Johan van den Brink
Team manager Social Media
Johan van den Brink

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