Respond to questions and complaints

TUI Group is the world’s number one integrated leisure tourism group. In the Netherlands alone, TUI offers travel packages with 11 different Dutch travel agencies and is responsible for their engagement to offer their customers a happy holiday. Arne Keuning, project leader at TUI Netherlands, explains how TUI Netherlands uses Coosto for the social media monitoring and engagement for their travel brands.

“TUI Netherlands loves to listen to what our customers and potential customers discuss on social media.  We  carry through by  monitoring blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with Coosto. TUI Netherlands not only responds to these messages, but also uses these insights, for instance  welcoming the KRAS Holiday Board for Single Travellers. This way, TUI Netherlands positions itself as an interactive travel brand.”

Purpose of engagement

“TUI Netherlands uses engagement to help our (potential) customers. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty have grown since we started to engage with them. Because our employees are reading along, it helps us improve our internal processes and grow our employee satisfaction. Moreover, engagement is personal and efficient. This way, we optimise our services and it has a positive influence on our reputation!”

Using multichannel to operate on customer base

“We monitor messages from our customers, evaluate internally how we will handle this message and participate in the conversation. TUI Netherlands uses Coosto’s detailed author information and the information in our CRM system, whether we respond through engagement or contact our customer in another way. This way, we use the most efficient way to help our customer, in the customers best interest and ours. We  assign  messages internally, measure workflow, and follow-up with Coosto. This allows TUI Netherlands to always be there; before, during and after our customer’s holiday.“

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