Daily thermometer for the internet   

Social Embassy is a strategic and operational partner of 40-50 A brands. Martin Kloos, Strategy Director at Social Embassy explains that during the development of content and the maintenance of conversations it’s important to brands to know what is happening on social media.

“Coosto is our daily thermometer to follow conversations about brands and act on recent events. In case of discussions and crisis Coosto is an important tool to follow the events online.”

How do you present your competitors on social media?  

“During our strategy development, year plan development and as evaluation, we use Coosto to analyse our competitors. We compare our share of voice, sentiment and trends with that of our competitors. We create Social Media Brands Maps for a quick competitor analysis with social media. Moreover, we review how each brand scores as to several topics, i.e. different financial institutions as to mortgages.”

Example: Social Media Monitor

“Each year, we compare the Netherlands’ largest brands in the ‘Social Media Monitor’. This is independent research on the use of social media by the top 100 brands in the Netherlands. In this monitor we compare 100 brands and analyse what’s going on. Starting this year, we will use the quantitative data from Coosto, i.e. share of voice, viral reach and interaction.”

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