Conversation company

Many organisations talk about ‘talking to customers’, but Microsoft pioneers in the transition to a ‘Conversation Company’. Stéphan Lam, Digital Manager Consumer at Microsoft, explains how Microsoft uses Coosto to constantly work as a ‘Conversation Company’.

“Social media is not an instrument for Microsoft, but the key on how you as an organisation can have a conversation with your market. We communicate with our market all year round. We work for internal pride and our colleagues’ ability to tell the Microsoft story. Microsoft believes that conversations with your market is the buiding blocks for a good reputation.”

Sparklab for social media monitoring

“With the introduction of Windows 8, we’ve installed a ‘conversation room’ at our HQ. It’s called ‘Sparklab’. With the help of narrowcasting, we monitor the online conversation in real time, which allows us to respond quickly. These conversations are held by the Microsoft colleagues. Because Coosto allows us to easily assign messages to colleagues, we can work together quickly and efficiently.  Furthermore, we learn from the online buzz and its sentiment.”

Microsoft Sparklab Casemovie from SUE Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Brand monitoring: more than Windows 8

“Our social media strategy received a lot of attention during the Windows 8 campaign. The activity at our Sparklab has expanded to all our products. With Coosto we’ve discovered where we can talk to our customers online, what our customers value and how we can inspire them. Every day, we try to involve more colleagues in our conversation with our customers.”

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