Social media start action

One of the most progressive towns in social media is Eindhoven. Carin Springelkamp, Communication advisor at Eindhoven, helps the town to use social media proactively.

Since last year, Carin and her team answer all questions from the inhabitants on Twitter and Facebook, but make sure the questions are translated into actions as well. The Customer Contact Centre, the Communication Department and the Security sector monitor the online conversation in various ways.  With the workflow in Coosto’s engagement module, Eindhoven can easily prepare, send out and follow up answers together.

Crisis monitoring: quick to know about a crisis     

During the Dutch Kingsday or a marathon the town is monitored more intensively. During these events, Eindhoven works according to a specific crisis structure. “First, we set the GPS and GEO filter. Then, we monitor any peaks or drops in sentiment and activity in order to spot a potential crisis. If there are peaks or drops, we use the trend analysis and the maps to reach decisions.”

Social media influences communication strategy 

“Not only does the town uses crisis monitoring during events, but on a daily basis Eindhoven monitors sentiment as well. We’ve just started using social media proactively, when we noticed a video of major abuse in the party area going viral on social media. We had to decide how to communicate this public affair. Our analysis based on Coosto information helped reach decisions for our communication strategy. 

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