Central Bureau for Statistics researches trends in society with Coosto

With social media it’s possible to measure opinions in society. Piet Daas, Methodologist and Data Scientist at the Central Bureau for Statistics, explains how they used Coosto in a unique piece of research.

“Because the volume of messages on social media is rising, it’s becoming relatively easy to conduct (market) research on a large scale with Coosto. At Central Bureau for Statistics, we’ve analysed the sentiment of online messages to gain insight into the consumer confidence.”

Measure the sentiment of social media messages          

“With Coosto, we’ve compared the sentiment of over a billion social media messages with the consumer confidence of Central Bureau for Statistics. It turns out, that the sentiment on social media is coherent with consumer confidence. The correlation: 0.88. Because we can reproduce this, we have something unique.”

The future of analysis using social media data     

“Because the Netherlands is using social media massively, it’s possible for Central Bureau for Statistics to measure in absolutes. The power of big data is that the information is accessible in real time. Results are available very quickly. Substantial data is an essential addition to current sample surveys. We expect that social media analysis is getting more and more important in the future and will be used more widely.”

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