Crowd Management at ID&T

ID&T - a pioneer within the dance industry - organises national and international dance events. The enormous quantity of social media data that's available around events has proved to be valuable input for crowd management. Frank Litjens -Head of Digital at ID&T- structured their social media monitoring activities so they could improve their events and guarantee the safety of their audiences.

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Social media at ID&T

ID&T is a very large organisation, Frank explains: "We organise dance festival around electronic music and are active in about 20 countries. Examples of our events are Sensation, Defqon.1, Mysteryland, Decibel and Tomorrowland. ID&T consists of different units that organise one or more events. These are actually companies within the company. That makes it very flexible. All units have their own marketing team, merchandise, website and social media team."

Crowd management

"We came into contact with Coosto through our crowd services team”, says Frank. “We wanted software to monitor crowd safety. Of course we use different methods for crowd management, but we didn't use social media data to its full extent.  We needed a software tool that could detect and could map dangers to the crowd. Last summer, we made use of Coosto during Defqon.1, Q-BASE and Mysteryland."

Frank continues: "Coosto enables us to detect any incidents in a fast and easy way and lets us sort and categorise the information. We could easily monitor any trend and detect dangers to the crowd. When a topic was trending for a specific time, our crowd service team discussed with the security team to take action or not and commicated with the marketing team to publish social media messages related to the topic."

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