Why Pogba’s PR value shows he is worth his large transfer fee

9 August 2016 11:28 by Coosto in Trending, PR & Communicatie, Data-analyse & onderzoek

Why Pogba’s PR value shows he is worth his large transfer fee

With a rumoured amount of €105,000,000 being payed by Manchester United to Juventus for the transfer of French midfielder Paul Pogba the world has its newest most expensive football player. The transfer makes for a lot of social buzz and discussions about whether or not the price payed for the French star is too high. We’re convinced this is not the case, and here is why:

In the six days leading up to the transfer of Pogba to Manchester United a total of 1,921,177 worldwide social media messages were send mentioning Paul Pogba. 763,964 of these 1,921,177 messages contain rich content such as pictures and videos. Most of these messages showcase the French player and his sponsor Adidas.

Now let’s take that 105 million euros payed by Manchester United and divide that amount over the five years for which Pogba is signed. This gives you a total cost of €21,000,000 per year, which can be recalculated into 57,534 euros per day. Seems like quite the large sum of money right? Well, Manchester United expects to make additional profits related to this transfer out of merchandise sales, shirt sales, sponsorship deals and sportive results. 

Social PR Value

However clubs like Manchester United should also take into account that football players (and other influentials) generate a tremendous reach on social media with all the messages send about them. All these messages showcase the player, the club and sponsors and are therefore of great value for clubs and sponsors. This reach can be translated into a relevant PR value. Indicating what buying this same reach with advertisements would have cost.

This is crucial information for clubs and sponsors. For example Real Madrid payed €96 million for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009. An amount critiqued by many at the time. After one year Real Madrid announced they sold 1.2 million jerseys with the ‘Ronaldo 9’ print on them. An amount, with an average 12 euros in profit for each jersey, contributing to 14.4 million euros in revenue. Besides these merchandise sales clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United also generate revenue through sponsorship deals and ticket sales. Having an indication of the social reach combined with an actual monetary value gives unique insights in predicting the ROI for buying a player like Pogba.

Pogba’s PR Value

By monitoring Paul Pogba related messages on social media and letting Coosto calculate a PR value we get a overview of what this reach would cost if it had to be bought with advertising.

The five days leading up to the transfer and the first day of announcing lead to €41,925,686 in PR value calculated with global social media data. A enormous sum of money showcasing Paul Pogba, Manchester United and his and Manchester United’s sponsor Adidas.

This 41,9 million euros in PR value is divided over many sources such as News sites, Blogs, Forums and different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. When we zoom in on these channels we see that for Pogba Twitter is the biggest source of PR value with the most valuable Tweet worth €10,476.95.

Looking at news sites, blogs and forums we immediately see a top 3 in most valuable sources of PR value. 

Zooming in on these sources tells us, and Manchester United’s marketers and sponsors, which sources and social influencers are the most valuable. 


This PR value shows why the transfer sum for Paul Pogba isn’t too high. If a football player like Paul Pogba can generate 41,9 million euros in PR value then you can imagine that with PR value alone Manchester United and its sponsors Adidas, Chevrolet and AoL can earn parts of the transfer sum for Pogba back.

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