Using Halloween to Increase Sales: A Case Study of TESCO

28 October 2016 13:14 by Maartje Beelen in Trending, Digital Marketing

Using Halloween to Increase Sales: A Case Study of TESCO

Festivities such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day are often – if not always – an extra selling opportunity for companies to boost their sales. Next to the extra television and radio commercials, advertisements in papers and magazines and promotional e-mails, companies can implement social media as an extra selling technique. Read how the multinational TESCO has applied social media to bring their Halloween products under (potential) customers attention and how you can do this too!

Content publishing 

There are roughly three ways in which companies can implement social media. Obviously, companies can publish content in which the relevant products are advertised. TESCO’s posts vary from just advertorial to inspirational to funny.

Use Coosto’s content planning to plan your campaign messages for i.e. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In this way, you can check if the message volume isn’t too high or too low on a specific platform, and you can let other colleagues check your messages. And of course, it will save you time. Follow TESCO and make your posts witty, inspirational and remarkable. It will maximise the effect!

Moot the promotion while engaging

Another possibility is to engage with customers that address your brand directly or refer to your brand and moot the promotion. In addition to the posts above, TESCO has also answered questions from their customers, like the following two conversations:

 “Hi @tesco what Halloween face paints have you got at redditch branch?” 

— Pete Hemming (@HemmingOfficial


“@HemmingOfficial The store has a white tube make up set and a small/medium/large make up set for Halloween to choose from. Thanks, Sam” 

— Tesco (@Tesco

“Going to go Tesco's and get loads of food when I'm in Ely” 

— Alice (@alice_skilbeck


“@alice_skilbeck Do it! Perfect time to stock up for Halloween, those trick or treaters will want a lot of candy!” 

— Tesco (@Tesco

Don’t miss any conversation with the Coosto Engagement Module. It feeds you all mentions of your brand in realtime through an engagement feed based on an elaborate social media query. Through automatic labelling and automatic allocation to your special promotion team, the team can address questions and mentions immediately and moot the promotion. Always respond in a direct, friendly and personal way. This will lead to happy customers who are more inclined to buy the promotion.

Find leads and sell!

Moreover, companies can locate and respond to potential customers. For instance, people searching for inspiration for Halloween costumes and make up often post this on social media to get response. A perfect opportunity for TESCO was to react to:

Sell not only to clients but based on people’s direct needs by setting up an engagement feed which forwards only messages relevant to the special promotion. Include words or phrases in your social media query related to the promotional products you want to sell (most). This will be most effective when you respond quickly (peanuts when you’re using Coosto Engagement), point out the relevance of your product to this person and respond in a personal way (use your name and theirs, colloquial language, first person speech, emoticons).

I wish you lots of luck applying these tips in this last day before Halloween or just try it in the weeks before Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes Night!