The power of Related Comments

22 November 2016 08:27 by Coosto in PR & Communications, Digital Marketing, About Coosto, Coosto Development

The power of Related Comments

A whopping 35 to 40 per cent of the total amount of messages on blogs, news sites, forums and social media consist of comments that don’t mention a specific topic, but do have a link with it. Coosto’s new algorithm is the first in the world who shows you these related comments and adds them to your media analysis. The advantage of these related comments? They give you a realistic view of the sentiment and the whole context, because they add a bigger reach of forty per cent 

In our verbal communication we also don’t call everything by its full name all the time. We use expressions like ‘me too’, ‘well done’ or ‘I don’t agree’. These comments supply extra , relevant information on sentiment, and context,  because the content of these comments is often very blunt. 

Measure your complete reach

Our new algorithm Related Comments’ uniquely connects a comment to a subject or brand, even when it doesn’t contain the name in particular. The reach of a brand or subject increases with forty per cent with the addition of these related comments. Until yesterday, this area was undiscovered. Coosto is worldwide the first and only software supplier who can connect this extensively growing amount of comments to your brand.

Improve your online position

As of today, algorithm Related Comments is part of Coosto’s standard tooling. It’s independently developed by language and country and therefore it’s possible to measure related comments worldwide. The measurement produces a bigger reach, and that has an effect on your online positioning.