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Introduction - Coosto, data and personal data

Coosto offers a search engine to search through public data. Users can use Coosto for their own services.

To make this possible Coosto collects public data. This public data can also contain personal data. Personal data means information that directly or indirectly refers to a particular person. The most obvious example is a name. But, for example, also a nickname.

In addition, Coosto as a company processes certain personal data of clients to offer good service to them. This data consists of the name and contact information of the client or the contact person acting on behalf of the client, address (for training visits, client relationship maintenance and client satisfaction surveys), email address, phone number, and bank details (for payments). Furthermore, Coosto uses personal data that is provided via the contact page of the website in order to properly address the requests made via this page. This requires the name, email address, and phone number. As explained under the heading “Data transmission to third parties” below, we do not share this personal data with third parties.

Sources and types of personal data

Coosto collects data from various sources of information, like social media, news sites, blogs, and forums. This is always public information. That is, data that is actively shared online and can be found with a default Internet search engine or by visiting the concerning websites. Coosto does not collect shielded data.

Some public data is provided to Coosto. For this we work together with suppliers of this data. With these suppliers, we make arrangements that this happens in accordance with the privacy regulation and their privacy statements and applicable Terms of Use.

More privacy sensitive personal data, such as data about one's health, is also referred to as exclusive personal data. Because Coosto only uses public resources, this data will only be collected when someone has shared something about this online. Coosto applies as many technical and organizational measures as possible in case data is removed later so that it no longer returns in the search results. Users are also able to delete data themselves in their engagement environment.

Data usage

Coosto collects data to make public resources searchable for users.

Users can decide for themselves how they use the Coosto software. However, they are bound by Coosto’s Terms of Use.

For example, they can use the engagement environment to search through and answer questions about their product or service on social media. With social media monitoring companies and organizations can, for example, measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns or to detect market trends, over a long-term period, in order to build their brand and get exposure. Social media monitoring is also used for statistical purposes by educational and academic institutions and by non-profit organizations. Coosto’s publishing service helps companies manage their marketing campaigns. They can plan when content is posted and measure the replies on their posts.

Coosto and its users have interest in these services - it makes public data more accessible,  publishing it more effectively, and thereby providing various useful services for a large audience.

People who post online messages have interest in the protection of their privacy. Coosto takes this privacy concern into account. For example, you can let your personal data be deleted from Coosto (see below), Coosto respects the privacy settings of social media, Coosto makes confidentiality agreements with its employees, clients, and suppliers, data from Coosto Open (the limited free version of Coosto) is limited available, and Coosto has applied various measures for a secure IT infrastructure.

Coosto stores data, including personal data, to the extent necessary to enable its services to function properly.

Data transmission to third parties

Coosto does not transmit data, including personal data, to third parties except as mentioned herein. Data access is minimized within the Coosto organization. If our marketing departments researches a particular trend, measures are taken to anonymize the data so that it cannot be traced back to individuals.

In addition, users have access to collected public data, under the Coosto Terms of Use. In Coosto Open, you get an impression of what this looks like. We show search results referring to the original source.

We host the Coosto software and data ourselves. For Coosto's public website, we work together with a partner who has access to the data as far as necessary for the proper functioning of our website. Coosto has a processing agreement with this partner, which includes agreements on secrecy and security.

Coosto does not store data outside the European Union. All data of Coosto is stored on secure servers in The Netherlands.

Data protection

Coosto has taken extensive measures to protect the data, including personal data.

We name a few:

  • Data is only made available on a 'need to know' basis for certain job roles within the organization for execution purposes;
  • For several job roles, screening is required by an independent party;
  • Throughout the complete organization, the 'privacy by design' principle is policy driven and procedurally applied, including aspects such as security access, environment segregation, encryption, monitoring and auditing;
  • Periodic penetration tests and vulnerability scans are performed by independent parties;
  • We work with a data center who has various relevant certifications.

Questions and rights

If you have further questions about how Coosto deals with your personal information or if you would like to gain insight into this, would like to request change, removal or a request to limit the processing of your personal data, please send Coosto an email at the address below. There is also the possibility of filing a complaint with the Dutch authority of personal data ("Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens"). More information can be found on their website.

Coosto will process your question or request and will send a reply to you as soon as possible. It could be that Coosto requires additional information to process your request. For example, in case of a request for insight or removal, Coosto wants to be certain that the personal data concerns you and Coosto will have to check whether the request is justified and executable. This is in the interests of all Coosto users.

Contact details

Coosto B.V.
Kennedyplein 101
5611 ZS Eindhoven
+31 (0)40 249 27 00

Last changed: 27 juli 2017

Coosto may change this privacy statement from time to time. The amended privacy statement is applicable from the date mentioned here.



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