Market developments

We started Coosto in 2010 as a way for organisations to map out the online sentiment around their brand. In the years that followed, we have seen the world of social media change. Some social media platforms ceased to exist, while others evolved into popular communities: a constant evolution. Also, Coosto evolved into a mature company that provides the best social media solutions for our customers.

With the evolution of the online landscape – and all of the developments that came along with it – more and more questions arise about privacy and security. Legislation and regulations, social media guidelines and technical possibilities are ever-changing. As Coosto we believe that these changes are in the best interest of our customers and social media users in general. This, in combination with our moral compass, form the guiding principles on which we base our decisions. Even if that means we have to adjust our product.

That’s why we support the measures that Facebook is taking to ensure the privacy and security of their users’ data. At the same time, our customers can expect us to ensure that they remain empowered to make optimal use of Coosto. For this, we collaborate with our partners and will continue to do so in the future.

We believe that the online landscape evolution never stops and that all these developments lead to a sustainable, safe and livable online landscape.

Toine Verheul