The social customer service tool that works like a messenger app

Helping your customers has never been easier.


Keep the conversation real

It's the #1 frustration of a customer when contacting a support team: having to explain a problem over and over. That is why Coosto treats incoming messages as part of genuine, full conversations.

Just like in an IM app, there's no need to track records of previous conversations. You and your team can just browse chat history, notes or customer details for more real time information.

Every message in the right place

Categorize messages based on keywords or hashtags, to distinguish between complaints, questions or orders. These messages automatically end up at the department or specialist you assigned. This way everyone does what he or she is good at. 
Additional advantage: Coosto keeps track of the number of messages per category, so you know precisely which subjects need attention. Happy team, happy customer.

Better service through data

Responsiveness, NPS, service level: measure your targets and capture the progress of your team per social media platform. Download reports or visualize and share the most important data in real time dashboards.

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