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Every day, thousands of messages about sports clubs and leagues are published by fans, media and press. Each of these affects your reputation in some way: the online buzz surrounding athletes or players, the media hype about a possible transfer and the thousands of people sharing their opinions online. That is why it is vital that you know what is being said, by whom, when and on what medium. Keeping track of all those thousands of messages every day can be quite a job, though.

Coosto offers a single platform that you can use to monitor all online and offline media in real time. With the help of alerts and push notifications, you can stay on top of messages and enables you to respond to news, questions from supporters or rumours immediately. By monitoring relevant topics and search terms, you can avoid a crisis situation.

Your online performance in a single overview

Stay on top of all messages in real time and respond straight away – all from a single platform

Proactively protect your reputation
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From club to global brand

Map interesting sponsors and influencers

When you look for sponsors for your club, you want to know how these parties position themselves online. What is their reach? What is the general sentiment regarding the potential sponsor? Does this party even suit your target audience?

With Coosto, you can easily map organisations which are potentially interesting for your club or tournament. Furthermore, it is possible to analyse your current sponsors: how much impact do they have on your reputation? Are people mostly positive or negative? With this information, you can complete a transfer of your own: from a club to a global brand.

“People often think social media has little impact. We actually see that social does in fact deliver ROI”
Jordy Koppen
Social Media redacteur
Jordy Koppen

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