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Instead of managing all your social media separately, Coosto lets you create, schedule and publish all content quickly and easily in a single tool. You can easily set up posts for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or YouTube and publish them automatically at a time of your choice. By evaluating and optimising your social content, you'll expand your reach.

Social media content that converts

Generate more leads through powerful content

Create social media content
All-in-one content calendar
Statistics & analyses

Monitor your target audience

Improve your reputation

View all posts from various social media channels in a single real-time dashboard, prevent a crisis situation and stay on top of your online reputation.

Track down new customer needs by monitoring keywords, extensive search queries, #hashtags or @-mentions.

Customer engagement

Respond to questions and complaints at the right time and increase your customer satisfaction.

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Social media analytics

Analyse and evaluate your social media content and campaigns with the help of extensive statistics.


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