Higher conversion and customer satisfaction rate

Boost your NPS and increase your sales by using social media

Improve your NPS with online customer engagement

Expand your business by improving your customer service with customer engagement

Customers spend an average of 30% more when businesses show involvement and respond to questions, complaints or remarks via social media. High-quality service ensures a customer’s loyalty and that, in turn, affects your NPS. Coosto allows you to engage in online conversations with your customers immediately. The results are a higher customer satisfaction rate and more revenue.

Professionalise your online customer service with Coosto

Quickly and efficiently respond to online messages and reviews from a single tool

Handle questions and complaints
Make use of the customer history
Work together efficiently

Monitor all online media

Improve and protect your reputation and avoid a crisis

With the help of media monitoring, you will gain real-time insight into what is being said and written across online media. With this knowledge, you can spot new opportunities for your organisation and protect your reputation. As a marketing or communication specialist, you will always know exactly what is going on in the market, you can keep a close eye on target audiences and competitors and you can respond adequately in the event of an impending crisis situation.

Seize the opportunities of media monitoring

Gain structural insight into all online media

Monitor purchase intentions
Manage your reputation
Spot influencers

Social media publishing

Create successful social media campaigns using a clear content calendar and build a strong brand.


Social media analytics

Analyse and evaluate the performances of your team and your marketing and advertising campaigns with automatic reports

“I believe in social media tools and I think everyone needs one.”
Daisy van Meerte Janse
Social Media Coordinator
Daisy van Meerte Janse

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