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These days, customers no longer wish to conform to office hours. They are online all the time and expect a quick reply to any questions they may have, even outside regular office hours. The same is true, or perhaps especially true, for the travel sector, because it involves time differences and flights leaving in the middle of the night. How can you quickly and efficiently service your customers when you have just one team tasked with monitoring all social media channels?

The answer is simple: with a good webcare tool. Coosto allows a large team to work together in a single customer engagement tool. Coosto allows a large team to work together in a single tool. The tool offers a range of functionalities that facilitate cooperation, such as automated workflows. You can also label messages, so you never miss another question or respond to the same customer twice.

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Esther Kaptein
Team Leader - Customer Engagement Department

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Esther Kaptein

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Customers share everything, including their experiences. From festivals to events and from group travel to residences. As a brand, you want to make sure these experiences are positive. That's why you should join the dialogue that takes place. By responding to compliments or complaints, you can show your customers that you are listening.

However, monitoring social media offers another major advantage. By responding to online messages, you can proactively inform customers about e.g. calamities, unrest in holiday destinations, opening hours or entry fees.

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