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The power of social service

After all, a satisfied customer never leaves

Consumers indicate that high-quality service is their primary reason for staying with their insurance company. The cost of their insurance, on the other hand, is the key reason to switch to a different provider, which is something one in ten consumers does from time to time. The advent of comparison websites has only made this process easier.

It is therefore vital for insurance companies to continuously monitor price developments and their customer satisfaction rate. Doing so allows you to steer the conversation in the right direction when necessary and proactively assist (potential) customers when they have questions or complaints. As a result, you keep your NPS high and you turn switching consumers into loyal customers.

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How do insurance companies perform on social media?

Research into the use of social media by insurance companies (2017)

What are the online sentiments about the various insurance companies? What are the key social media trends right now? How do 64 individual insurance companies use social media? Read the results in our industry report and discover how you can optimize your services.

“Customer engagement finally gives you the chance to show your organization’s true face.”
Johan van den Brink
Social Media department team manager
Johan van den Brink

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