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There is a lot of discussion online about healthcare. Patients and clients share their experiences on social media. They also use these platforms to ask questions about their insurance or about new legislation. At the same time, media regularly publish about developments in the sector and news broadcasts often run stories about the reputation of a hospital or healthcare institution. It seems nearly impossible to monitor all these sources.

Fortunately, virtually nothing is impossible with Coosto. We offer a single all-in-one solution that you can use to efficiently monitor sources and quickly respond to questions posed by patients or journalists. The data from social media also offers a wealth of valuable insights. Is there a possible flu epidemic on the rise? Is there a growing need for a certain kind of healthcare? What are people saying about your healthcare institution? With Coosto, you will know exactly what is happening at all times and you will be able to respond adequately.

That is the only way to provide optimal care online, while simultaneously improving the quality of your patients’ healthcare. 

Stay on top of your reputation

“Am I getting the right care?” “Am I paying too much for my insurance?”

These are just two questions that consumers – and the media – ask themselves online. With social media, the whole world can read along. The performance of healthcare institutions is scrutinized on a daily basis. It is therefore vital to have a proper communication policy in place to prevent crises.

Who is talking about you? What are their opinions? How influential are these people? We offer a single platform that you can use to tackle all these questions in real time. Our customer engagement solution also allows you to respond to questions, complaints or experiences quickly. By steering the discussion in the right direction at the right time, you can diffuse a potential crisis before it gets out of hand.

After all, prevention is the best cure.

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As a healthcare institution, you can learn a lot from other, similar organisations. Based on your own and others’ information, you can draw up a proper communication policy. For example, a healthcare institution can learn a lot from a crisis that occurred at a different organization. With Coosto, you can easily benchmark your own results against those of other healthcare institutions. As a PR and communication expert, you will know exactly how your patients experience your healthcare and what you can do to improve it even further.

How do hospitals perform on social media?

Study into the social media performance of hospitals

Hospitals continuously deal with questions and complaints from clients and ever-changing legislation. On top of that, they must also manage their online reputation and promote their institution among various target audiences.

The reputation of your hospital depends on how you respond to online messages. By consistently monitoring all messages – both on- and offline – you will always know it when journalists, stakeholders, patients or clients say anything about your organization or the healthcare you provide. We studied the reputation of the Netherlands’ major hospitals in our industry report.

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