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Engage with your customers

With our customer engagement solution, you can engage with your customers directly every day, about everything from saving and loans to mortgages and insurance policies. Coosto's portal is set up in a way that ensures you and your entire team can handle questions, complaints and remarks quickly and efficiently. Are you curious about how you can do even more for your customers?

Protect your brand reputation and avoid crises

By monitoring what is being said about your brand on a 24/7 basis, you can stay on top of your reputation. You can spot a crisis situation from afar, so you can take appropriate measures before things get out of hand. Thanks to our automatic alerts, you'll never miss a post again. Coosto will send a push-notification if the number of posts or matching sentiment increases quickly in a short amount of time.

Discover fraudulent emails in no time and easily and quickly warn your customers with Coosto. Keep your customers updated about any malfunctions, fraudulent emails, text messages or payment requests.

Monitor and respond to customer needs

Proactively respond to the questions and needs of existing and potential new customers

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