The power of social media in education

Manage your educational institution’s reputation and answer students’ questions online

Engage with students via social media

Respond to students’ questions in real time with Coosto

Every day, students post thousands of messages on social media. Do you know what students are saying about your organisation? What questions do they have? On which social media platforms can you find them? These are all important questions with even more important answers.

Coosto not only lets you respond to @mentions or #hashtags, but also allows you to easily search for conversations. Find out what students are saying about a student loan, study choice or student association and respond immediately. Know what is going on with your students and discover the true power of social media in the education sector yourself.

Support students via social media

Quickly and efficiently manage all online messages from students in a single environment

Supervise students online
Meet new students
Know what is going on

Social media data for lecturers

Social media as a source for academic research

The role of social media in our society is growing: it has a major impact on how we communicate. Brands and hot topics are discussed millions of times a day online. For lecturers, this data offers a wealth of opportunities for quantitative and qualitative research.

Coosto is the perfect solution for lecturers who want to use social media as a source for their academic research. The data collected in our social media monitoring tool goes back to the year 2009.

“With Coosto, we can easily spot patterns in social media data.”
Peter Kerkhof
Professor of Social Media
Peter Kerkhof

Social media software for students

Student license for social media monitoring and reputation management

If any group knows all the ins and outs of social media, it is the students. Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook: you name it and they are there. But do they also know the effects of social media on our behavior and our general, societal and political opinions? Do students know how to deal with an online crisis in a professional setting?

To help students with these questions, we offer student licenses. Using Coosto, students can analyse and research social media. This is a great way for them to learn to apply the principles of reputation and crisis management in practice.

This is just another example of the power of social media in education.

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