Protect your brand reputation

Use Coosto to see how your brand is discussed in online and social media conversations, and act when necessary.

Control the online conversation

View the degree of positivity or negativity of online brand mentions, how many people talk about your brand and what the reach of their messages is. Do you feel the online discussion gets out of hand? Start communicating and check if your acts have had the desired impact on overall sentiment.

Nip a crisis in the bud

Do you notice that potentially harmful conversations are starting to appear online? Respond directly to questions or messages containing falsehoods, to neutralize a potential crisis situation. 

Put your organization on the map

Present your brand in relevant issues and topics. Spread your message at lightning speed to all your social media accounts from one overview. 

Most important features

  • Alerts

    Get automatic push notifications when an online situation suddenly changes.

  • Sentiment

    Quickly see the degree of positivity or negativity of online brand mentions.

  • Authors

    Discover influential authors with the help of influence scores.

  • News sites and blogs

    See on which sites your brand is mentioned.

  • Media reach

    Value the impact of (social) media coverage and see the potential reach of messages.

  • Quick reply

    Respond extra swiftly using default replies, and always share the right information.

  • Author information

    See information about the number of followers, influence score and the author's average sentiment.

  • Author notes

    Add memos to conversations to share background information with your colleagues.

  • Content Calendar

    Create, plan and publish posts from one overview.

  • Labels

    Categorize and optimize your posts using labels.

  • Post approval

    Let someone check a social post before publication, so you can be sure your posts are flawless.

  • Re-use posts

    Quickly and easily publish the same statement on multiple platforms.

Klanten vertellen

Coosto helps us identify topics and messages that are prone to escalation.

Johan van den Brink - VGZ, Teammanager Social Media

Thanks to Coosto, we don't have to miss anything anymore. The tool also shows us all social media messages that we wouldn't have found otherwise

Jasper Schilder - The best Social Media, Editor in chief

See how Coosto helps you protect your brand reputation