Increase your customer satisfaction with social media

Offer world class social media customer service with Coosto.

Respond to all social and website messages from one overview

Whether it is Facebook (Messenger), WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter (including DMs) or directly on your website using Livechat: with Coosto you can take care of all messages quickly and efficiently. The result? Loyal customers and more positive reviews that help new customers find their way towards your brand. 

Improve your service using data

See where, when and how your customers send messages to or about your brand. This information enables you to improve your service level, manage your social media service team smarter and improve your customer satisfaction more efficiently. 

Reduce the number of questions and complaints

Are you experiencing a malfunction, failure or a slip-up in invoices? Simply publish a general public message on your social media account(s), even before questions arise. All from within the same overview, relieving the pressure on your social service team. 

Most important features

  • Conversation history

    Take previous conversations with your customer into account.

  • Author notes

    Add memos to messages to share background information with colleagues.

  • Case tagging

    Automatically add labels like 'Compliment' or ‘Question’ to messages in order to report and prioritize.

  • Quick Reply

    Use templates of default replies to swiftly respond to customers.

  • Automated replies

    Comfort your customers by automatically informing them when you have received their message.

  • Sentiment

    Quickly see how positive or negative your brand is being discussed.

  • Heatmap

    Find out rush hours for your customer service, and manage your team accordingly.

  • Sources

    Handle messages of multiple sources like social media, blogs, forums and news sites.

  • Re-use posts

    Easily reschedule a social media post or publish it on another platform.

Klanten vertellen

Coosto helps us optimize our customer service. Thanks to the set KPIs we can put actual numbers on our customer friendliness.

Fleur Evers - Amsterdam UMC, Communication Advisor

Together with Coosto, we have been able to make significant progress in optimizing our customer service and social media efforts.

Pascal Appel - Eindhoven University, Social Media Manager

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