Increase social media conversions

Use Coosto to get more reach, engagement and clicks out of your social media posts.

Manage all your content in one overview

Plan and publish your content to all your social media accounts from one user-friendly interface. Check which type of content performs well cross-platform, and optimize your next posts accordingly.

Create better content using data

Analyze talking points in your market and find new topics for your content. Check out heatmaps to improve the timing of your content, and find relevant influencers and authors for your brand to target.

Increase the engagement of your posts

Start the conversation with your target audience. Respond to all social media messages and comments from one interface and connect with new audiences. This helps you to increase the engagement of your social media posts and create a genuine community of fans. 

Most powerful features

  • Content Calendar

    Create, plan and publish posts from one overview.

  • Labels

    Categorize and optimize your posts using labels.

  • Post Approval

    Require approval before publication and improve the quality of your content.

  • Re-use posts

    Quickly and easily post the same content on multiple platforms.

  • Conversation History

    Take previous conversations with a follower or fan into account.

  • Author notes

    Add memos to messages to share background information with colleagues.

  • Heatmap

    Find out when people talk about your product or market.

  • Trending topics

    The most important talking points in your market and product category.

  • Authors

    Discover your brand's most influential authors using influence scores.

Klanten vertellen

Coosto lets us check the results of our social media efforts in no-time. That's how we know what strategy works or what to improve on.

Nina Verberne - Sanoma Publishers, Producer

Coosto provides us with a practical and complete overview of the content that all of our 100 branches publish on a total of 150 social media accounts.

Karlijn Embrechts - Fletcher Hotels, Social Media Marketer

See how Coosto helps you improve your content marketing