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Measure the earned media of your campaigns

Analyze the frequency and reach of brand mentions outside your own channels. View changes over time and measure the effect of your campaigns. Explore potential growth in your industry, and use the identified relevant websites, authors and topics to increase your brand awareness in a more focused manner.

Pick up on conversations in your market

Directly respond to social media messages about your market or product category, from one interface. By picking up on these conversations and mentioning your brand, you can introduce your brand to a wider audience and increase your brand awareness.

Discovered opportunities? Act right away!

Did you spot opportunities on social media to increase your brand awareness? Should you publish more often, on other platforms or using other content, for instance? Within Coosto you can carry out these tasks immediately, from one and the same overview. 

Curious to know the number of online mentions of your brand?

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Most powerful features

  • Media Reach

    Value the messages about your brand and look into the potential reach of all coverage.

  • Related comments

    Find all comments on posts about your brand, even when your brand name isn't mentioned.

  • Authors

    Discover influential authors using influence scores.

  • Trending Topics

    The most important talking points around your brand and market.

  • Custom feeds

    Discover social media conversations about your market outside your own channels.

  • Content Calendar

    Create, plan and publish social media posts from one overview.

  • Copy social post

    Quickly and easily post the same content on multiple platforms.

  • Labels

    Categorize and optimize your content using labels.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Smart and powerful metrics to optimize your posts.

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